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Please keep update your web site , IT has so much to deal with .

Date: 14/06/2015 | By: Keep Update

Please keep update your web site with new IT terms , IT has so much to deal with .


Date: 20/12/2014 | By: NARESHBABU

BPUT C++ & Object Oriented Programming 3rd sloved question paper book or note for last five year

Hi....Soumya Sir

Date: 09/10/2013 | By: Akash Kumar Bihari

Sir, i am a final year Student of Information Technology branch studying at GIACR, Rayagada.Today i am very happy by opening your site and i had never ever thought so.And one more thing which made me so happy that not only you are from our college but also from my district.i am really feeling proud by saying i am one of your junior.Sir,
One good news is now our college became GIACR which was formerly IACR Engg. college.And whatever note you have provided that are really essential and helpful to an engineering student.

Re: Hi....Soumya Sir

Date: 19/10/2013 | By: ADMIN: Soumya Sourabha Patnaik

Thank you very much dear for ur nice anticipation... :-)

book related issue

Date: 20/01/2013 | By: ABHISHEK

Good morning i have read your oops using c++ i want to know whether the virus program u have mentioned in the book, does it harm the system?????
If yes, then after formatting the system again can the system be all right?????

Re: book related issue

Date: 31/03/2013 | By: Soumya Sourabha Patnaik

The virus program that I have written at my book may not harm to ur computer. Its just to know about creation of VIRUS through C. Well, YOu can modify this of ur own.

data structure

Date: 27/05/2012 | By: Asish kumar satapathy (

Hello sir,
I guess , you are organizing classes and lecturers on C programming . If so, Can you guide me what reference should be taken for DATA STRUCTURE and If possible , can you please mention names of reference books for BPUT 2nd sem.

Re: data structure

Date: 31/03/2013 | By: Soumya Sourabha Patnaik

for Data Structure using C:
1. Lipscutz
2. Amiya Ku. Rath (Scietech publication)
3. R.B Patel
4. Ganeshan
and much more.


Date: 18/05/2012 | By: vamsi

Hi sir....your c programming cls r very interesting.....n....even your lectures are simply awasome....

Are u there

Date: 14/04/2012 | By: Harihar prasad satapathy, jeypore( koraput}

Hello sourabha ,
I have been trying since last week to contact you through the website as well as your e -mail , but in vain . Are u really so much bussy or avoiding to answer . What ever, please try to answer me.
with regards ,
Harihar prasad satapathy, Jeypore (Koraput)

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