Neuro Linguistic Programming

17/06/2011 17:16

NLP is a system co-founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler for bringing about personal development in any individual by interpreting and translating the human perception, experience, beliefs and language. It was developed in early 1970s with the active involvement of Gregory Bateson. Gregory Bateson was a distinguished anthropologist, linguist, social scientist and a cyberneticist at the University of California at Santa Cruz between the periods of 1960s to1970s.

The basic principle of neuro linguistic programming is that success can be achieved by increasing the positive habits and reducing the negative ones. These positive habits either can belong to the same individual, or can be a model of habits of highly successful people. The initial study of interpreting success patterns and behaviors was done on exceptional psychotherapists who were had attained the zenith of success in their field. Neuro linguistic course started with the modeling the key behaviors and methods taken by the psychotherapists in order to achieve outstanding outcomes in their field. This model would then be applied to individual wanting to achieve a similar level of success and excellence.


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