SSP System Secure Shutdown

  This software enables you for secure shutdown, restart & Logoff to your system. You can also shutdown your computer by setting a perticular time.

Aviator Attack - A 2D Game

  This game is specially designed for kids who can are the begineer computer users.

Weather Report System

  This system can enable the user to view the current weather report for a perticular area.

Chemosoft SSP

This is a software perticularly design for chemical analysis. This contains elements & Compound details & their functioning. It also contains some solubility tests, ions in the solutions, reagents & many more features. This software provides user friendly environment which is the...

SSP Network Intrusion Detector

  This software can trap the intruder in WAN or LAN through its IP address.

SSP VIRUS Recovery

This is a VIRUS recovery program developed in VB 6.0. After the VIRUS attack sometimes the system may not capable of opening Task Manager, Registry editor, System could not shutdown, restart or logoff properly. This software enables the user for such type of situations.